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Business Administration

From the moment a business is formed, and throughout its life cycle, there are legal issues that must be addressed. Business law is not one area of law, but many areas that govern a company’s formation, operation, contracts, financing, intellectual property, securities and even insolvency. Businesses and their owners require legal advisors who understand their needs and can help them achieve their objectives, protect their assets and avoid common pitfalls.

Technology Law

We understand the needs of start-up and established businesses in the technology and media space. We value technology and the innovative community behind it. Whether you are in the beginning stages of development or have a finished product ready for distribution, we want your technological vision to become a reality.


While the business opportunities associated with cannabis continue to expand, individuals and corporations seeking to enter the industry should be cautious of the local laws that dictate the use, manufacture and sale of the product. The little green plant can mean a lot more green in your pocket, but it is critical that you abide by the applicable laws.

Labor Legal Services

Labor Law attorneys are a special breed: brilliant negotiators and tough as nails. Protracted strikes and wage negotiations are not for the fainthearted. And Labor Attorneys are at the coal face of these labor disputes.

Blockchain Technologies and Digital Currencies.

Blockchain technology developed years ago as a way to use a shared, digital public ledger. Despite its increasing use, blockchain remains an area that can be difficult to understand from both a legal and technology standpoint. Any parties using blockchain technology and/or digital currencies in a transaction should consult an attorney to avoid potential liability and financial losses.

Legal Due-Diligence

Before entering into a business transaction, it is essential that the parties learn more about each other to avoid unnecessary risks and ensure fair terms.  This investigative process is known as due diligence.