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Lawyered Up is a legal consultancy and a turnkey legal digital platform that solves a problem of immediate access to important legal documents as well as legal professionals. All platform documents are editable within any browser, as well as on our mobile app, allowing for quick and easy generation of legal documents. As now and again, in business, legal consultation is required therefore Lawyered Up connects professional lawyers with businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent contractors while creating a realtime conversational platform between platform users.

People are able to collaborate on a legal document, cloud stored and editable documents making it easy to move their legal discussions in the same pace as their business discussions. 

Serisha Barrat

CEO and Co-Founder

Lawyered Up is geared towards revolutionising the legal world by creating easier accessibility between lawyers and their clients through our digital platform while still running a legal consultancy. Legal processes are generally intimating, expensive and time-consuming however, we aim to assist this by being compliant from the beginning. With the drastic rise of a global pandemic, our platform eliminates the need for face-to-face communication by digitizing signing documents and jurisdiction impediments. Through this initiative we aim to also create greater job opportunities for lawyers in any region, industry and time.


Vetted Legal Document Database

Your contract are encrypted so that you don't have to worry about their security, ever.

Digital Signatures

Electronic signature is becoming mainstream. It is efficient, fast, easily managed It has full legal value

Legal Document Validation & Vetting

You can upload a pre-existing legal document for vetting.

Vitual Lawyer

We offer a cost-effective product by way of virtual services using technology. You are saved the time and the hassle of visiting an Attorney in his/her office. 

GBV Legal Assistance

A partnership between Lawyered Up and  Art of Charity a non-profit organisation provides relevant legislation, legal templates, expert guidance and commentary relevant to the scourge of GBV.

Freelance Lawyer

Online Workplace Connecting Layers with  client work. Creating job opportunities.

Make better business decisions

People are able collaborate on a legal document, cloud stored and editable documents making it easy to move their legal discussions in the same pace as their business discussions. Collaborating, sharing and co-creating has become a norm in today’s business reality. A culture of ‘no borders’ has been imposed by the internet where people can work, share intellectual property and co-create with people all over the world however, lacking a legal platform that ensures everyone remains protected with the correct legal advisory and representation.

About Our Legal Consultancy and Start-Up

We pride ourselves in our well-informed and resourceful attorneys providing excellent legal service across a broad spectrum of subject matter. We are not limited to a specialised field. With highly skilled and experienced attorneys, Lawyered Up Attorneys can assist with:

Start-Up Legalities 

Cannabis Law

Media and Ent Law

Labor Law

Family Law

Corporate and Commercial Law


In addition to the above we are a legal start-up, helping start-ups. Lawyered up is a legal consultancy and not a legal practice registered with any law society in terms of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979 as amended.


Our Pricing for Start-Up Packages

The following packages are designed to help our clients get through the early stages of their business journey without jeopardizing their budgets.

Seed Phase

Seed funding is used to take a startup from idea to the first steps.


Once Off

Venture Capital

Investors put money into startup businesses that they believe in.


Once off


Move to the next
round of funding.


Once off

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